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The Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A)

Height : Should not exceeding 12 hh. (121.9cm)


















The Welsh Mountain Pony needs little introduction. Bred in the mountains and wild regions of Wales for many generations, their acknowledged beauty does not mean they are merely a "pretty toy" - centuries of "survival of the fittest" has ensured the sound constitution, iron hard limbs and great intelligence which, combined with the legendary Welsh temperament, makes the ideal child's pony of today. They can be seen ridden and driven all over the world - equally at home in the cold of Canada and Sweden or the heat of Africa and Australia.















The head of the Mountain Pony should be small, with neat

pointed ears, big bold eyes and a a wide forehead. The jaw should be clean cut, tapering to a small muzzle; the silhouette may be concave or "dished" but never convex or too straight.


The neck should be of a good length and well carried with shoulders sloping back to a clearly defined wither. The limbs must be set square with good flat bone and round dense hooves. The tail set high and gaily carried.


Action must be straight both in front and behind, quick and free with hocks well flexed.






The Welsh Pony and Cob Society of New Zealand was first formed in 1966, for the purpose of preserving the breed in its highest form, for keeping a true and correct record of ponies bred in New Zealand, in the form of a Stud Book. Patterned on the Welsh Pony and Cob Society in Wales, any purebred pony registered with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society of New Zealand must be able to be traced back to registers in Wales on all sides.


Any enquiries regarding registrations of ponies must be made to:


The Registrations Officer -

Val Peat

Sharland Park

Korere RD 2

Nelson 7072

Ph 03 5224 604


The first stud book was published in 1968, Volume II in 1974, Volume III in 1978, Volume IV in 1981, Volume V was published in 1986, Volume VI in 1992, Volume VII in 1997 and Volume VIII in 2004. These are an accurate register covering sections A, B, C, D and partbreds in New Zealand.


Further information re: Membership, Stud Books, Goods for Sale, etc to be made to:


The Secretary -

Zandra Cook

86 Dudley Road

RD 6 Inglewood 4386

Phone 06 756 8733

Fax 06 7568732




Membership -

Application Form

for membership to the Welsh Pony and Cob Society of NZ (pdf file)










The Welsh Pony (Section B)

Height: Should not exceeding 13.2 hh. (137.2cm)



The general description of the Welsh Mountain Pony can be applied to the Welsh Pony, with greater emphasis being placed on riding pony qualities whilst still retaining the true Welsh quality with substance.


For generations these ponies were the hill farmers' main means of transport, herding sheep and wild ponies over rough and mountainous country. They had to be hardy, balanced and fast to survive, which ensured that only the best were bred from. These qualities, combined with a natural jumping ability, and the temperament of their Welsh Mountain Pony forebears make the Welsh Pony second to none in whatever field his young rider may choose. Today they hold their own among our top class riding ponies both in performance competitions and in the show ring.







The Welsh Pony of Cob Type

(Section C)

Height: Should not exceeding 13.2 hh. (137.2cm)



The Welsh Pony of Cob Type is the stronger counterpart of the Welsh Pony, but with cob blood.


Their true worth as a dual purpose animal has been fully realised in recent years, and their numbers have increased accordingly. Active, surefooted and hardy they are ideal for so many purposes both for adults and children.


Like all the Welsh Breeds they are natural jumpers and they also excel in harness - there are in fact few things that they cannot be used for.




The Welsh Cob (Section D)

Height: From 13.2hh. (137.2cm) to no upper height limit


Aptly described as the "best ride and drive horse in the World", the Welsh Cob has been evolved throughout many centuries for his courage, tractability and powers of endurance.


The general character is the embodiment of strength, hardiness and agility. The head shows great quality with pony character. Bold prominent eyes, a broad forehead and neat, well set ears. The body must be deep, on strong limbs with good "head wearing" joints and an abundance of flat bone. Action must be straight, free and forceful, the knees should be bent and then the whole foreleg extended from the shoulders and as far forward as possible at all paces, with the hocks well flexed, producing powerful leverage.


The Welsh Cob is a good hunter and a most competent performer in all competitive sports. Their abilities in all spheres are now fully recognised throughout the world.




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