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Height : Should not exceed 12 hh. (121.9cm)

The Welsh Mountain Pony needs little introduction. Bred in the mountains and wild regions of Wales for many generations, their acknowledged beauty does not mean they are merely a "pretty toy" - centuries of "survival of the fittest" has ensured the sound constitution, iron hard limbs and great intelligence which, combined with the legendary Welsh temperament, makes the ideal child's pony of today. They can be seen ridden and driven all over the world - equally at home in the cold of Canada and Sweden or the heat of Africa and Australia. 

The head of the Mountain Pony should be small, with neat pointed ears, big bold eyes and a wide forehead. The jaw should be clean cut, tapering to a small muzzle; the silhouette may be concave or "dished" but never convex or too straight.

The neck should be of a good length and well carried with shoulders sloping back to a clearly defined wither. The limbs must be set square with good flat bone and round dense hooves. The tail set high and gaily carried.​

Action must be straight both in front and behind, quick and free with hocks well flexed.

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