Please note that when you are intending to purchase a Welsh Pony, Cob or Partbred registered with The Welsh Pony & Cob Society of New Zealand there are things you need to check.


• Make sure you see the WPCS Registration Certificate.

• If you are buying the pony sight unseen then ask seller to email or fax you a

copy of both sides of the Registration Certificate.

• Check the markings described on the certificate corresponds with the actual markings on the pony.

• Make sure the seller is the registered owner. (Either as owner on the front of the Certificate or

the last transfer on the back. This transfer must be signed by the Registration Officer)

• Get the seller to complete the transfer certificate at the same time as the sale if at all possible.

• If the papers have been lost check with the Registration Officer that the pony is registered and the seller is the registered owner.


• The pony cannot be transferred into your name without the registered owner’s permission.

• If buying a stallion check the WPCS website or with the Registration Officer to ensure he has been DNA typed.


• If buying a stallion or gelding make sure they are stallion or gelding registered and are not on Temporary Colt papers


• You are not able to register foals unless you are the registered owner of your mare.

• If the pony is over 15 months and not registered you will need to DNA pony, sire and/or dam, provide a Stallion Service Certificate and the owner of the dam (when foaled) must sign the registration application.


If you have any queries about a pony or cob you are purchasing please contact the

Secretary: Zandra Cook - Ph 06 756 8733 Cell 0274 426018