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The Welsh Pony and Cob Society of New Zealand was first formed in 1966, for the purpose of preserving the breed in its highest form, for keeping a true and correct record of ponies bred in New Zealand, in the form of a Stud Book. Patterned on the Welsh Pony and Cob Society in Wales any purebred pony registered with The Welsh Pony and Cob Society of New Zealand must be able to be traced back to registers in Wales on all sides.

The Welsh Stud Book contains registration details of four "types" of Purebred Welsh Ponies and Cobs. These types include the Welsh Mountain Pony “Section A”, the Welsh Pony “Section B”, the Welsh Pony of Cob type “Section C” and the Welsh Cob “Section D”.  Each Section, or type, has specific characteristics, but all retain the character, versatility and excellent temperament of the Welsh breeds.  The Stud Book also contains the Register of Welsh Partbreds which must have a minimum 12.5% of Welsh blood in their parentage.

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